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  • Will a rooftop tent fit on my car/truck/SUV?
    Yes, be sure to compare the weight of the tent to the weight of the load capacity of your vehicle. Normally, the classified weight limit of your roof will not include your body weight as this is the limit while driving. Also be sure to check the dimensions of your roof. If you drive a smaller SUV or car, we suggest the 2 Person.
  • Can my car/truck/SUV handle the weight of a rooftop tent?
    Most vehicles can handle the weight of a rooftop tent so long as you have the proper hardware/racks in place. For any questions, click here to contact us.
  • What hardware do I need before I purchase a rooftop tent?
    Before installing the rooftop tent you will need to have cross bars that are rated to the weight of the tent. Contact TASA for help with choosing a crossbar that will fit your vehicle. The TASA tents all come with mounting hardware to mount to the crossbars.
  • How long does assembly take?
    Assembly of the tent once your receive it does not take long. Set aside less than an hour and follow the instructional video.
  • How do I mount my rooftop tent?
    Mounting is made easy with the simple mounts provided. The tent will need to be mounted on crossbars installed on your vehicle, and the bolts done up snug. Check out the mounting guide provided with your TASA rooftop tent package.
  • How do I set up my rooftop tent?
    We will have an instructional video in the near future, until then there are instructions included in your rooftop tent package.
  • What is the warranty on rooftop tents?
    When you buy a TASA rooftop tent we want you to have a great experience from start to finish. We provide a two year warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects covering workmanship, parts, and materials which fail under normal use. This does not include or cover issues due to user error, neglect, or acts of God. After the two-year warranty, we will repair and/or replace parts, materials, etc on a case-by-case basis for failures due to normal use. We are happy to help you keep your TASA tent in tip-top shape for all your wander’s and we will work with you to get replacement parts and help with repair wherever possible.
  • What is the return policy?
    Customer satisfaction is our #1priority; if you cancel your order before it has been shipped, we charge a 10% restocking fee. Once you have received your tent, no returns or refunds can take place. If there is damage or a manufacturing defect to your tent, our tents are covered by our limited warranty and our team will help fix any problems you may have.
  • Can I get replacement parts if needed?
    Most parts of your TASA rooftop tent can be replaced and we are happy to provide any part which breaks or wears, even after your warranty has expired. Depending on the part and if we have it in stock, replacement orders could take up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Can I leave anything in my rooftop tent when I fold it up?
    You should be able to leave your sleeping bags and pillows inside which will help lighten the load inside your vehicle.
  • What kinds of weather can my TASA rooftop tent withstand?
    The tent and its cover can withstand nearly any weather, similar to what your vehicle would. If it’s a snowy setting, tents may get overloaded with too much weight if it’s sticking to your tent so be cautious. If it’s been a rainy night, you’ll want to let your tent dry out before packing it up.
  • Can I still go through a drive-thru?
    Most drive throughs will have signs for the max allowable hieght, depending on vehicle type and mounting technique, each application could be different. Always check before driving under a restriction.

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